Support Us

Want to Support Our Work?

This scheme is run by a small group of junior doctors alongside our own routine work in our free time. We therefore rely on donations in order to support our financial costs to make this happen. If you're able to, please consider a small donation to keep us going and supporting more FY1s.

Why do we need donations?

We are a project entirely working on the efforts of volunteers. Previously there has been no running costs, but in order to expand some spending was necessary to get the website and some level of automation to our matching process.

Although our running costs are low, there are still some and therefore we need some funding to pay for these. We are currently running at a deficit, and will not be able to continue in 2023 without further funding. Any additional funds will be put to good use as we're already looking to the future on how we could potentially expand to provide similar support to doctors at other stages of their career or even other healthcare professionals.

We are looking into other sources of funding such as grants and bursaries. If you have any information about any financial support options that might be available to us please contact us.

How else can I support you?

The main thing we need support with is spreading the word and getting information about this scheme to as many doctors as possible, whether that be FY1s who would like buddies, or more senior doctors who are keen to be a buddy. Please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and if you feel able to please share information about our project with your local networks. Also consider sharing our poster which is available from our useful resources page for you to be able to share digitally or print out and place in a prominent position at work for others to see. If you have any other suggestions for people to contact or other ways to get the word out, please let us know!